Proverbs 11:30

the fruit of the righteous
is a tree of life;
and he who wins souls is wise.

Q Ideas is a national non-profit, who's mission is to restore Christian credibility and influence in Western society by equipping and connecting Christian leaders in the Seven Channels of Culture (church, business, education, social sector, arts & entertainment, government and media).

I will be coming alongside Q to help facilitate 8 national events a year for high caliber leaders and influencers across the country -- to help strengthen their relationship with God and with each other.

This is one of the main ways I will be using the gift God has given me in connecting people.  I believe what Q Ideas does is invaluable and I am honored to be a part.

my work with Q ideas


To learn more about
this incredible non-profit:

Most of my National ministry work will be in partnership with Q Ideas.

I will also be pursuing opportunities to perform, minister, and tell my story in churches across the country and on national platforms.  My prayer is that music will begin opening doors for me to do ministry work on a national level.

If you or anyone you know are looking to put on an event, I'd love to be a part!

I would love to partner with you in whatever way I can for your event!  Reach out:

my national ministry work


I am passionate about seeing people with similar backgrounds as myself find hope, be restored, and pursue what God has called them to.

For years, I went into Juvenile detention centers weekly to minister.  In my experience, I found that not only were there not very many volunteers, but there were also a lack of younger people volunteering - 20-40 year olds.  It is my desire to create pipelines of mentorship into these juvenile detention centers.

Eventually, I would like to help develop structures that will support these youth when they come out of Juvenile Detention Centers -- seeing that they have a higher likelihood of success.

creating pipelines of mentorship


To get involved:

There is no denying that I LOVE my city!  Alongside my national ministry work, I will be increasing my work in the city.  I plan on connecting even more with local churches and organizations to see our city become the best it can possibly be.

My desire is to be able to be more involved in local events, whether that is through performing, sharing my testimony, speaking about what I've learned in my time in ministry, or even promoting and connecting people across the city to each other and to local events.

If you have a local event, I'd love to partner with you in whatever way I can!  Reach out:

my local ministry work